Validated posting accounts

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The term "Validated posting account" refers to the Posting account that is available in the software and is ready to be used for various tasks offered by the software.

The easiest way to check whether you have Validated posting accounts is to click on the "Accounts" tab in the software. Validated accounts appear green in the list. If you don't have any accounts in the list - you need to import or create them.

If you have gray accounts in the list - it means that they have not been validated yet, or the validation is in progress. Usually validation is performed automatically once the accounts are loaded or created. If that does not happen - please make sure that you are logged in to the software and your license is OK (the software will not validate accounts if you are not logged in or if the license is not valid/expired/suspended), and also verify that accounts contain passwords and user names (E-mails) in their properties (if E-mail or password is not filled in - the software will not be able to validate accounts). Validation is simply the process of logging in to an account. If the software is able to log in fine - it will instantly mark account green and it is ready for use.

If you gave red accounts in the list - it means that the software could not log in to them. Usually you can find detailed cause of the problem in the account logs (by clicking on the Logs tab in the panel to the right of the list of accounts). The most probable cause is incorrect E-mail/password combination, or suspended/disabled account.