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Definition of Posting account

When we say "Posting account" we refer to a user account registered with the classified ads Web site. Craigslist account, Backpage account, Kijiji account are all examples of what we call a "Posting account".

We use this term "Posting account" to make sure that there is no confusion with E-mail accounts. It may seem like E-mail accounts are pretty close to Posting accounts because usually both are referred to by E-mail address. However, E-mail accounts and Posting accounts are two completely different entities.

E-mail accounts are used to send and receive E-mail messages, and they can't do anything else. E-mail accounts cannot contain ads or posts, they are not in any way related to posting websites like Kijiji or others.

On the contrary, Posting accounts are used to keep track of the ads posted to certain website like Kijiji or Backpage. Posting accounts usually require already existing E-mail account, so before creating a Posting account, you need to have an E-mail account first.

Creating Posting accounts

The software allows you to create posting accounts using the wizard available from Main menu->Wizards->Classified ads->Create accounts.

The procedure is very similar to creating E-mail accounts with the software. If you are not familiar with it, we suggest reading the this article first.

Once in the wizard, you can select the type of accounts to create (Backpage, Kijiji etc), and specify the number of accounts to create. These are the only two fields that you are required to fill in, others can be left empty and the software will fill them in automatically. If you want more control - read on.

Campaign selection box allows you to specify a campaign for new accounts. Once an account is created, it will be placed in the specified campaign

Specify E-mails

You can select specific E-mail accounts to be used when creating Posting accounts. If you leave this empty - the software will automatically select random E-mail accounts that are not tied to any Posting accounts. If there are not enough E-mail accounts available - the software will suggest that you create or import more E-mail accounts.

Specify regions

It is often useful to target accounts for specific regions. This makes accounts more credible and reliable, as it is very natural for a person to post ads to a single region from their account, rather than posting across the world. This box allows you to specify a region for your accounts

E-mail verification

In most cases E-mail confirmation is required to finalize account creation. The software will do this automatically, by logging in to the corresponding E-mail account, retrieving confirmation E-mail and clicking the link.