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The latest release

The latest stable version of the software you can always download here.

If you already have the software installed on your computer, no need to worry about un-installing it. The software is smart enough to deal with that automatically.

You also do not need to worry about your data - it will NOT be overwritten by the new install.

Experimental builds

Our team works hard to stay on the top of the market and constantly enhances the software, adds new features, fixes bugs and ensures that all existing functions are up to date. Whenever we make a change, an experimental build is released, enabling our most active users to take advantage of the new features, even if they have not been thoroughly tested yet and may contain bugs. If you want to try these experimental builds, this article will help you.

Requirements and prerequisites

The software is available for Microsoft Windows operating system only. You will not be able to run the software on MAC OS, Linux or other non-Windows OS'es. If you desperately need the software, but cannot use Windows for some reason, you can try this workaround. The software will also not run on iPads, iPhones, smartphones, and alike devices. Generally, you need a desktop or a laptop computer with Microsoft Windows on it to run the software.

The lowest supported version of Windows is Microsoft Windows XP, Service Pack 3.

The software should run fine on all desktop versions of Microsoft Windows above and including XP. It is also possible to run the software on Microsoft Windows Servers.

This is a desktop software. It means that the software runs on your computer, not on the remote server. Hence, all data that you input into the software, is stored on your local computer and is never sent to our servers.

The software requires .NET framework version 4 to run. In most cases, you do not need to worry about it because all modern Windows installs include it, and if not - the software will try to automatically detect and install missing run-time libraries. If you suspect that for some reason that can't happen automatically (which is unlikely, but possible), you can try installing the required framework manually from the Microsoft's website, here is the link: .NET framework 4

It is recommended to have at least 2Gb of RAM installed on the computer to run the software (the more - the better). Multi-core processor is also recommended (but not required) to take full advantage of the multithreading features.

Software conflicts

This software makes extensive use of the Internet (opens multiple connections to various websites). If you have any security installed on your computer (like antivirus, web guard, firewall etc.), it may find software's actions suspicious and try to block/stop it from functioning normally. This problem usually manifests in repeated network errors given by the software and/or inability to connect to certain websites. You can easily check whether your security software is the cause by turning it off temporarily and checking whether that fixes the issue.

Of course, you would not want to leave your computer unprotected just to run our software. But you can always configure exceptions in your security in such a way, that it allows to run our software. Unfortunately we cannot provide step by step directions how to do that for every possible antivirus/firewall, please check the documentation of the specific security software you are using.

You may also have doubts whether our software contains malicious code that could potentially harm your computer or access your personal information in an unwanted manner. This is perfectly understandable, and here is how you can be sure that you are safe when using our software.

  1. You are welcome to use this wonderful online virus scanning service, able to check any software with the most popular antivirus kits and gives you the detailed report of all possible threats: You can go ahead and scan the entire installation package, the service is smart enough to un-pack it and scan every file it contains, separately. You will get a detailed report after the scan.
  2. If you need 100% guarantee that the software cannot access your sensitive data even theoretically, you can set up a virtual machine on your computer and run the software inside the virtual machine. There is no way to access your real computer's data from the virtual machine (unless you explicitly allow it, of course). This article will guide you how to set that up