Fast Ad Posting

Cruise at Mach 3 with our multi-threaded auto posting solution. Harness the power of Craigslist, Backage, Ebay Classifieds, OLX, and Gumtree all at once.

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Repost and Renew

Flag wars suck, win the battle with getting your ads up and keeping them live. Skyrocket your ROI by automatically reposting and renewing your ads online.

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Stop Ghosting

Transform your ads into infinite possibilities using our randomization tool kit. No other auto posting software can minimize your campaigns footprints like Ad Missile.

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Geo Location

Trick classified sites into thinking you are a real end user, for every single ad. Our Geo Locator can quickly match IP's to phone numbers, accounts, cities, and ad content.

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Completely dominate your market.
With Ad Missile as your secret weapon!

Harvest more traffic than Los Angeles at rush hour directy to your business with these sources.


The 500 pound guerrilla of the classified world, giving you the power to market to every city on the planet. This is the true definition of Craigslist automation.

Ebay Classifieds

Formerly knows as Kijiji, a hidden gem for marketers to post on. Reach more users, leads, traffic, and a get your business a lot more greenbacks.


Squeeze more juice out of your already built ad campaigns. Gain more exposure and mobile presence. With only software that supports OLX, this feature is coming soon.

classified sites poster


The silver medalist of the online ad sites, extend your reach to more users located around the globe. Blast your ads even faster with our Backpage poster.


Put down the fish and chips and target the largest site in the United Kingdom. Saving you time to enjoy the pints and soccer, this feature is coming soon!

Got More?

If you are still hungry for other classified sites to auto post on. Let's us know and our eager team will investigate possbily adding it to the Ad Missile platform.

Destroying the learning curve

As one of our very good friends "Hay Zeus Christo" once said. "Let there be light!"

Ad Missile Videos:

Setup up ads in minutes and tap into the global reach your missing.

In our ever developing craigslist auto posting series we go through basic and advanced features available in our robust platform. This channel and series will grow as we do. Make sure to subscribe to our channel and get social with us. We need your feedback to create helpful and informative videos to make your life that much easier.

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auto posting software wiki
Ad Missile Wiki:

Become an expert with the software via our extensive learning guide.

Go beyond the basics of getting up and running with Ad Missile via our detailed Wiki manual. Whether you are a novice or an expert with the software quickly find and learn about all the features to increase your success posting ads online.

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Features that boost your productivity

With Ad Missile it has never been easier to fully automate your Craigslist posting.

Software Feature #1 **


Now you can start harvesting the endless traffic your business needs and keep things on autopilot with our endlessly developing platform. Our software supports on all the major classifieds sites including Craigslist, Backpage, & Ebay Classifieds. Integration for Gum Tree & OLX will also be available in the near future.

Software Feature #2 **

Campaign Manager

Save time and effort keeping your ads organized in to campaigns. Inside our robust tool you will have all the options a marketer could dream of. Now not only can you bind accounts, IPs, and ad content to your campaigns, but also quickly duplicate settings to save time. Reducing effort and being more successful is our motto.

Software Feature #3 **

Ad Creator

As the filters increase in difficulty getting ads live or ghosted has become a major issue. One of our various solutions, is the use of spin-tax, inline directives, mutations, tokens, and our built in thesaurus. These tools will help you create 1000's of unique ads that will beat these filters. Finally a real solution!

Software Feature #4 **


Inside the software you can now post dozens of ads, create numerous email accounts, PVAs, and so much more with our fully multi-threaded software. This will increase your output by a min. of 10x using only one computer or server. Save 1000's and earn even more getting your posting stations ready for war.

Software Feature #5 **

Email Creator

Built in account creation for Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, GMX, and more providers to come in the near future. With the growing issues of mail forwarding we focused part of our extensive research to help resolve this problem. We are consistently finding new angles to help you succeed in the posting process.

Software Feature #6 **

PVA Creator

Stop the road block of phone verification, with the built phone verification features inside our software. Making accounts is now a quick and seamless process. Just add your phone numbers, create accounts and customize the settings to your needs. End solution is created phone verified accounts.

Software Feature #7 **


With many of the tools we've tested the biggest lack of support was the ability to renew and repost ads. After extensive coding and researching for solutions we have devised a controlled environment that will allow for ads to be consistently posted and renewed using all the same data, IPs, accounts and much more.

Software Feature #8 **


Start focusing on nationwide advertisements by scheduling ads for the peak times users are online looking at ads. Be able to setup ads and campaigns to run precisely in the areas and times you need them to. Pre-configure everything needed and let our software do the work. Less stress and more coffee breaks, Yes!

** Remember these are only some of the many features that are included with Ad Missile.
Download it and see for yourself how it will increase your marketing success.

Ad Missile Licensing

Select your plan and benefit with the ultimate auto posting software.

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  • Just finished being potty trained and getting started in ad posting? Then this may be the right plan for your business.
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  • Looking to fire off classified ads with the sheer speed of an AK-47? This is the go to for most businesses needs.
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  • Enterprise *
  • Are you the wolf of classified ad posting, looking to bulldoze traffic into cash? This is the ultimate solution available...ever!
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* While the software is in beta prices are subject to change.
Please check back to this section at a later time for updates or check your email if you have registered the software.

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